The Brand Tales (TBT), is an exclusive website, which would provide details of the Brands around the globe from different sectors of industry. A very useful website for a vast array of people. It would be of prime importance to entrepreneurs, VCs, brand consultants, business leaders and consumers.
An attempt is made to constantly research and collect data of the dynamic market of 21st century to understand the brands which represent countries, industries, products, services and people.

How can you benefit from this website?

Entrepreneurs : This is an era when everyone is trying their hand to start a business of their own. An idea well executed would become a successful business and for that, one needs to understand the market and the competition. Not just the market in which one would pitch in their products, but also the future markets in different regions of the world where they need to expand and compete with other brands to grow the business. TBT will be helpful in gaining an insight to the competition involved and the story behind these brands and the prospective markets for their innovative products and services. TBT would be a great source to help the entrepreneur to select the right brand and services to grown their business.

Venture Capitalist / Investors: Ideas help to start a business, investors help to grow a business. A successful venture capitalist/investor should possess the knowledge of brands, products and businesses around the globe to understand the success and fall of start-ups and businesses so that they can take the calculated risk and make an invest in a venture. TBT would be one of such platforms, which would provide the required knowledge base of brands and businesses accessible at their fingertips.

Business Leaders: A Business Leader is not just a wealthy or powerful businessman with lot of money but also owns the wealth of knowledge. They are the people who create and lead businesses and conglomerates. TBT would be one one of the easily accessible sources to enhance their knowledge base to build business empires in different countries and partner with the right brands and business houses.

Consumers: A business won’t become a brand unless it touches the consumers soul and mind. Today’s consumers have become more brand conscious. TBT would aid these consumers in finding the right brand for them and to buy products or avail the services of prime quality form reputed brands.

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind

Walter Landor